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Today, the Internet, a "slow and steady game-changer" is pushing the industry into the next era, which is hailed by many as the fourth industrial revolution. In Germany, it is known as the "Industry 4.0" at the earliest, while in China it is defined as the national strategy ---“MADE IN CHINA 2025".

The world has many expectations on "MADE IN CHINA 2025", looking forward to the Chinese manufacturing can improve the quality of their products to meet the needs of clients for the pursuit of quality in addition to bring more lower-priced products to the world.

ENERTIC having been focusing on China’s manufacturing industry, we hold that "MADE IN CHINA 2025" is neither the “INTERNET OF THINGS” put forward by GE, one of Enertic’s clients, nor the same with “INDUSTRY 4.0” generally accepted in Europe.


“MADE IN CHINA 2025” not only means smart factories, the accumulation of robots, sensors, data transmission, or Internet technology.

We think if "MADE IN CHINA 2025” would like to make more contributions to the world, it needs to improve "quality culture and contract spirit”, which Europe and the United States have already experienced and completed the task in industry 2.0 and 3.0. This is the reality of Chinese manufacturing.

What the industrial upgrading faced by more than 90% of the Chinese factories needs urgently is not installing robots and photoelectric sensors or programming new software, but a lot of entrepreneurs boasting advanced "quality culture", professional managers, engineers, quality inspectors, purchasing agents, welding workers, assembly workers, painters, machine operators...what guides their work is not "TALKING", but should be the actual technical standards, technical specifications, quality plans, process procedures... as well as the "contract spirit" hiding behind drawings, process documents and technical specifications in the pursuit of implementation.

The industrial upgrading of "MADE IN CHINA 2025" need the sellers and the buyers, neither only the sellers nor the buyers, can realize, recognize and continue to pursue such culture and spirit in activities.

Industry_4.0.pngAs a specialized company providing quality and technology services about products made in China for clients in the international trade for a long term, Enertic holds the most direct understanding over issues faced by Chinese manufacturing upgrading. We believe that quality is a link that cannot be ignored in "MADE IN CHINA 2025"!

ENERTIC committed to participate in the strategy of "MADE IN CHINA 2025”, Enertic devotes itself to providing unique solutions with characteristics of professional technology for the most extensive manufacturing factories and increasingly popular Internet trading of industrial products. In the booming emerging e-commerce, Enertic’s "Online Order System" will enable clients familiar or not familiar with us to feel and book "quality culture & contract spirit " in urgent need of the industrial upgrading of the Chinese manufacturing in the most direct way, and implement the culture and spirit into each order.

ENERTIC will grow up together with the Chinese manufacturing industry, aiming to explore how to make the "MADE IN CHINA 2025" better serve clients domestic and overseas, to create more civilization for mankind in the perspective of quality and technical experts in the field of industrial products manufacturing. 

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