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All our clients greatly concern about quality based on the equipment procured in China, the final quality is assured by factor during each process, every tiny neglect shall effect the final quality, particularly that of large electromechanical unification. Pointing to such a clien's concern. ENERTIC provides inspection service in workshop for the purposes of being independent of suppliers in order to ensure that relevant equipment or products meet the requirements of contract specifications, standards and codes.

  • Factory Audit

● Quality management system audit

● Qualification and certificate audit

● Factory production ability & capacity audit

● Product quality control status & ability audit

● Experience and standard use status

  • Documents Review Before Manufacture

 Review ITP 

● Review Welding Process Documents (PQR, WPS, Welding instruction)

● Review Qualification of Welder and NDT Personnel

● Review Heat Treatment Procudure/Instruction

● Review NDT Procudure/Instruction

● Review Painting Procudure/Instruction

● Review Pressure Test, Routine Test Procudure/Instruction

● Review Packing Procudure/Instruction

  • Raw Material Inspection

● Material certificate review

● chemical composition and mechanical property test witness

● Material dimensional inspection

  • Witness / Hold Point Inspection

● Attend the witness point (W) and hold points (H) inspection according to the ITP agreed between buyer and supplier

  • Shop Inspection

Inspection during fabrication or for status checking are essential engineering services to guarantee that the material conforms to the specifications agreed between buyer and supplier whether in raw material, partly or fully fabricated state. The aim of inspection is to ensure that the buyer receives the material or equipment in accordance with their requirements and for a fair and equitable inspection charge.

Through these services, we make certain that equipment satisfying our Customers’ quality need is provided on a timely basis.

● Arrange resident engineer who represent the buyer carry out daily inspection according to process documents agreed between buyer and supplier.

● Submit weekly or daily report regularly

● Assist client to deal with non-conformity and other quality issues during manufacturing process

● Review and verify quality documents of manufacturing

  • Performance / Commissioning Test Witness

● Arrange engineer witness performance/ commissioning test according to client's requirement

● Review manufacture documents before test

● Comprehensive inspection product overall appearance

  • Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)

Product inspection prior to and during boarding, conducting visual evaluation, quantitative, identification and packaging in accordance with the commercial documents and contractual-like packing list, invoice or letter of credit.

● Equipment overall appearance, Identification, quantitative and nameplate inspection

● EOMR (End of Manufacture Report) and Conformity Declaration review

● Packing status inspection

● Container loading and shipping mark inspection

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