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ENERTIC's engineers have already accumulated rich experience in such Continuous Process Improvement , particularly quality improvement, combined with Lean Production Theory, further to promote the working staff on the knowledge, quality consciousness, practicing and skill, ENERTIC’s engineers should also advice on organization, process flow, quality documentation, methodology procedure, operation instruction, recording, etc , All these advices and suggestions are tailor-made towards our specific clients, Meanwhile, by means of workshop investigating, proper training programs ,effective communications and face to face practical instructions and physically involving actions following up , ENERTIC will assist our client to execute the proposals to achieve strategic goal of reconstructing the workshop floor management, promoting quality and reducing the manufacturing cost continuously.

  • Quality Improvement

● Arrange professional engineer team investigate the current status of factory.

● Compile research and evaluation report about current status and quality improvement.

● Discuss with the factory about the detail contents and actions to improve quality.

●  Arrange engineer instruct improvement work 

● Verify quality improvement results

● Submit quality improvement effect report.

  • Buyer Quality/Technical Consulting

● Assistant buyer to elaborate various industrial products procurement specification

● Assistant buyer to review supplier's quality and technical documents

● Assistant buyer to manage quality and technical issues during manufacturing, advise for NCR solving

  • Manufacturer Quality/Technical Consulting

● Assistant supplier to analyse and comprehend buyer's technical and quality documents.

● Assistant supplier to elaborate various manufacturing specifications and instructions.

● Assistant supplier to finish PQR,WPS and welder qualification.

● Assistant supplier to compile quality plan and ITP.

● Assistant supplier to manage quality and technical issues during manufacturing, advise for NCR solving

  • Courses and Training

● Interpretation of various manufacture quality and technical international standards(ISO、EN、ASME、AWS、AS、GB…)

● Factory inspector training

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